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It’s been proven that investing can help build wealth more rapidly than letting your hard-earned cash to sit in a savings account. However, the best investments aren’t easy to find without some help…

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Investing for all

One of the final stages of the Hero’s journey, we strongly believe investing can help readers race up their path towards financial freedom. But, of course, there are risks involved – throw all your money into a poorly managed company’s shares, and you’ll likely find yourself right back at square one (or worse).

That’s why it’s important to be familiar with the basics – what is a share, how can I buy stock, etc – before you commit any money to investing or start researching which shares to buy.

The Motley Fool have been providing the public with investment advice and share tips online for over 20 years, so you can be confident that The Motley Fool takes pride in our analysis of all things investing, from finding the best share dealing accounts through to guidance on how to buy shares, and everything in-between!

Firstly, we believe that investors should only buy shares with money that they won’t need in the next three to five years as a minimum time period. On average, a recession occurs every 10 to 12 years, and these often cause stock market crashes. Events like these are out of your hands, and so relying on selling equities in the near future to form a deposit to buy a home, for example – or to pay fees associated with a wedding, and the like – is dangerous, as we cannot ‘time the market’.

We also passionately believe that investing isn’t just a sport for the rich to play. Beginning by learning the basic principles – such as how to invest, and where to invest (stocks and shares ISAs offer tax-free wrappers up to a certain annual amount) – and starting with hundreds rather than thousands or millions of pounds, the stock market provides an opportunity to potentially help grow your savings from a small pot into a fully formed retirement fund!

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