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About Us

The Motley Fool is dedicated to making the world smarter, happier, and richer.

While as a company, we recommend investing Foolishly (note the capital F!) with money that you won’t need for at least five years, no-one arrives in that fortunate position overnight.

So The Motley Fool’s Personal Finance team is focused on helping readers with their personal finances from the very beginning of that journey.

We’re fully aware of the impact that money can have – being in credit card debt, for example, can be an emotional burden as well as a financial one.

At the beginning of 2020, the average credit card debt in the UK per household was £2,592. It’s a sad truth that often, those in debt are getting deeper in debt through interest charges.

That’s why one of the first pieces of credit card advice Motley Fool UK’s Personal Finance team suggests for readers in this situation is to seek out a 0% balance transfer credit card and buy some time. 

What is The Motley Fool UK Personal Finance?

We are a UK-focused personal finance site that gives guidance to help readers make well-informed decisions when it comes to their money.

As such, you’ll find product reviews, comparison pages, handy calculators, in-depth guides and a whole lot more across our website!

We want to offer solutions to readers’ problems; our editorial articles aim to help when people have turned to the internet to look into a financial issue, and from there we can guide them on a journey to financial freedom.

Motley Fool UK Personal Finance is reader-focused – that means, while some offers on the site are from our partners, this does not impact our ratings. If a product isn’t any good, our rating will reflect that, or we won’t list it at all. Our commitment is to you.

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We’d love for you to interact with us on Twitter @MotleyFoolUKPF. You can take part in our polls or send in personal finance questions for our editor Sam Robson.

Meet The Team


Alex Busson

An investor for 10 years, I've learned most lessons the hard way. Now I’m a financial copywriter with better experience!

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Anne East

Anne specialises in personal finance and insurance, covering details that enable you to make informed decisions based on facts.

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Alice Guy (FCA)

A Chartered Accountant, Mum and personal finance geek, Alice writes on topics including budgeting, saving and investing.

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Diana Bocco

Diana is a writer specialising in debt repayment, savings, and personal investments. Her work has also appeared on MSN Money, Inc....

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George Sweeney (DipFA)

George is a writer and qualified financial adviser focused on educating others in personal finance & investing.

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Jennifer Laird

Jennifer is a writer specialising in debt, personal banking, and small business finance.

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Kate Anderson

Kate is a freelance writer who specialises in answering personal finance questions in the clearest way possible.

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Katie Royals

Katie is a financial journalist and personal finance writer. She writes on a range of topics including investing, insurance, and ...

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Karl Talbot

Karl is a writer specialising in investing and personal finance content. He regularly contributes articles on savings, bank accoun...

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Rosemary McEwen

Rosemary is a freelance writer, specialising in frugal finance. Less visibly, Rosemary is also a ghostwriter.

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Sandy Kenrick

Sandy got a headstart in finance by working in the small business division at a bank. This also happens to be where she cultivated...

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Sean LaPointe

Sean is a personal finance writer with a strong passion for helping others become more financially literate and make better financ...

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Matt Koppenheffer

Matt is a 14-year veteran of The Motley Fool and a former advisor and analyst for multiple Motley Fool services. Matt's artic...

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Sam Robson

Editor in Chief of The Motley Fool UK. I follow Foolish investing principles, and in personal finance, I practice what I preach!

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Victor Garrett

Victor is a freelance writer who loves to read and write about personal finance and related disciplines with the aim of educating ...

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